Things to know about a landmark biodiversity agreement

After years of negotiations, the world has agreed on a landmark deal to protect vanishing species and ecosystems, dubbed a "peace pact with nature" at the UN meeting in Montreal called COP15.

A decade in Zamboanga del Sur town, TVIRD transforms the environment and ushers new era

TVIRD transforms the environment and ushers the rebirth of Zamboanga del Sur town as it moves beyond compliance and business.

Climate’s toll on trees threatens the sound of music

Climate change threatens trees. Swiss forest ranger Francois Villard fears the tree will not withstand global warming and live to a ripe old age like its ancestors.

Scientists in Peru discover two new endangered plant species

A group of Peruvian scientists has discovered two new species of plant that are endangered by mining activity in the Peruvian Andes, the University of San Marcos reported on Tuesday, November 29.

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