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Special Features

Special Features

OPINION: Depriving the unvaccinated people of their rights is discriminatory, illegal, and unscientific

All unvaccinated persons, unless they can present negative results of RT-PCR tests, cannot enter or transact in all offices, cannot buy in the market and business establishments, and cannot drive their vehicles or ride vehicles of public conveyances.

BARMM remembers coming of Islamic preacher Kabunsuan

The Bangsamoro government capped off with a “Guinakit” fluvial parade its commemoration on Sunday of the arrival in the 14th century of Shariff Mohammad Kabunsuan here from Johore Bahru, now part of Malaysia.

Feature I Brigada sa Pagbasa

Brigada sa Pagbasa aims to cultivate a culture of reading among learners and help those who need further assistance in developing their literacy and numeracy skills.

Feature: Reward rather than punishment

A constant reminder for all teachers way back college education days up to this very moment.  With different theories and theorist, this has been repeatedly emphasized over and over again.

North Cotabato’s charitable anti-COVID-19 radio station airing now

A charitable and not-for-profit radio station in Kabacan town, established by medical workers to educate listeners on how to beat the COVID-19, has started its broadcast.

Zamboanga Sibugay rice farmers worry as palay farmgate price plunges

Rice farmers in Zamboanga Sibugay were not optimistic of the coming harvest season as the  farmgate price of palay or unhusked rice plunged to season low at P15 a kilo.

IBM, Mercedes develop ‘Stolen Vehicle Help’ app

IBM and Mercedes announced the successful development of “Stolen Vehicle Help,” a recently launched service in the Mercedes me app designed to help find and recover stolen vehicles.

Feature I The second pandemic school year

It’s the second school year that we are under the spell of this pandemic nightmare. A lot of things have changed and a lot of adjustments have been made.

Laid to final rest: Family puts coffin on a raft made of banana trunks in crossing a river to bury their dead

A family in Aleosan, North Cotabato used a raft made of banana trunks to transport the coffin from one side of the river to the other side where the village cemetery.

First Filipino musical Still ready to move viewers

Set in a pandemic-struck music camp, Still puts the spotlight on young aspiring artists as they navigate through a period of isolation and struggle.